Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yummmm.... So Good You're Gonna Wanna Eat Off 'Em

Plates, Plates, and More Plates... Oh and a bowl!!

Sarah Cihat brings us some "Rehabilitated Dishware" via her website: http://sarahcihat.com/

She is straight up Brooklyn, resurfacing old plates found at secondhand stores with new bold colors and her choice graphic designs.


One of the best places to find gifts are on museum websites. Above is a plate from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Store: http://www.metmuseum.org/ that is adapted from 17th Century (that be old) Dutch water colorist Jacob Marrel's paintings. Great Wedding Presents!!


Totally feeling this cheese platter made by ceramic artist Maeera Mougin, you can't tell by this pic but the plate's graphics are made from actual cheese labels!! http://www.maeeramougin.com/ ....mmmmm....cheese


DAVID BOWIE & you can eat off him... this could be priceless. Fashion Designer Paul Smith joins with design firm Mosley Meets Wilcox to bring these plates to life... $625 a set, yikes... they were limited addition http://www.paulsmith.co.uk/


The perfect guestbook? Steuben brings us this bowl which comes with a silver pen that is tipped with a diamond... your peeps can sign it forever... just like our beer pong table in college (except our table was built from cinder blocks and a sheet of wood probably about $30 with the Sharpies), this joint is $1,800! http://steuben.com/

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