Friday, August 29, 2008


We are loving wallpaper lately (but not taking it down, damn eggplant border in my dining room still haunts me to this day). This wallpaper brought to us by Trove is great because it combines the graphic birds we love and a feeling of the great outdoors: inside!

Pic of the Day

Photographer: Megan

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moss and Cake!

British sculptor Marc Quinn is ready to unveil his $2.8 million, 110-pound solid gold statue of the supermodel, hyped as the largest such creation built since ancient Egypt.

The British Museum gets it we guess and have only released one picture so far:

Quinn also created a painted bronze statue of Moss titled "sphinx" where she appeared in a yoga pose.

So, in honor of the original sphinxes we bring you this fantastic blog about cake disasters:

So, remember kids: always enjoy art and eat cake!

Etsy Shop of the Day: Eyeshoot

These images are just fantastic!

The art and design work of Sarah Franklin is today's etsy shop of the day! We especially love these retro prints she has in her shop!
Check out her shop:
Her blog:
Her flickr page:
and her website:

Bare With Us!

Throughout the upcoming hours and days we will be upgrading the site/making some changes. We are adding fun things like: Tag You're It, Pic of the Day, and The Etsy Shop of the Day! We are encouraging all our readers to participate by submitting ideas, pictures, and their Etsy Shops for review: designstat (at)

Thanks to all for your support!

Tag You're It: Magazine Covers

Pic of the Day

New, Fun, and Simple...We are giving you a pic of the day!

Photographer: Anna

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Etsy Shop of the Day: Unravelling

We are starting a new feature called Etsy Shop of the Day!
There is just so much fun to be had on Etsy that we need a reason to go on!

Today's Shop (with the added honor of being our very 1st shop of the day):

Fine art photography by Susannah Conway

We love her photos, and think this is a great reason for you to start collecting art today! Preserve summer!

Tag You're It: Passport Holders

Chic Passport:


Tiffany's Blue Passport :


Golden Passport:


Bomber Passport:


Polka Passport:


Bulldog Passport:


Scotty Dog Passport:


Fun Fabric Passport:


Friday, August 15, 2008

Tag You're It: Soap Dispensers

R2D2 Soap:


Little Dudes Soap:


Birdie Soap:
Polka Soap:
Duckie Soap:
Fawn Soap:
Hello Soap:


Hen Soap:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tag You're It: Copper

So, the latest activity here at Design...Stat is a little game we are playing of Tag. Each day one of us will tag the other with a topic (yesterday's was copper which I'm posting today). Then we both have to find four fun things based on the topic!

Email us with your suggestions!

Copper Ceiling Tile:

care of:

Copper Tea Kettle:

care of Flickr user Britt-Marie Sohlström

Copper Mosaic Tiles:

care of:

Copper Fondue Pot:

care of Williams-Sonoma

Bath Furnishings:

care of:

Copper Penny Earrings:

care of Flickr user and jewelry designer: Tammy Easterling

Magnetic Copper Ring:

care of:

Copper River:

Photograph of sun reflecting on the Virgin River care of awesome photographer Phil Douglis

Friday, August 8, 2008

So Familiar and Wonderful

There are just so many things you can find on it's ridiculous. You can seriously just zone out for hours checking everything out.
Once in awhile we stumble upon things that are just so lovely we have to share!

Alicia Bock's photographs are spectacular and just feel like home! She writes in her profile that she is inspired by her children and her own childhood...

They are gorgeous, and she uses polaroids and subject matter like carousels and the beach to really make us think of our own memories.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beads Beads Everywhere!

While I was pregnant I became very irritated by my husband's massing collections of golf and espn magazines, and after seeing my brother-in-law's girlfriend wearing a necklace from Africa crafted from paper I decided I wanted one too. I couldn't get around to going to Africa, so I sat down and figured out a way of making them.

My husband thought I was loosing my mind (which I very well might have been), but I finally came up with a result that I liked. The bead making involved tapered strips cut from magazines, modge podge glue, and knitting needles. I basically just started wrapping paper around knitting needles while applying the glue. It was tedious but fun.

The results are for sale now on etsy:
This has turned out to be a great way of recycling!