Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Blue Booties

Wednesday, January 18, 2012
My booties have brought a lot of laughs to the house.  My husband gets perplexed when I make things that most people would clearly just buy.  I laugh in my head because I know that I secretly planned to make them blue and orange (like his favorite basketball team, Syracuse) to immediately trigger his mind to like them even though it may have been ridiculous for me to make them (and he did make a comment that he liked the blue and orange)!  I must say I had an extremely enjoyable experience planning and making these and they are pretty cute!

One of the first "prototypes"
 I designed my own little pattern pieces, first out of the felt because it was just easier for me to visualize and cut them while pinning.  I had a few "prototypes" and tried to just cut the pieces down to where they looked good to me.  I wanted a "shell toe" front piece which I'm not sure actually worked out.  Once I had my pieces looking good I took it all apart and traced the pieces on paper and scanned them into my computer just in case I ever wanted to make another pair.

Orange bottom... look out le bouton
Since The Baby is just learning to walk I still needed a soft bottom shoe.  After walking the aisles at the fabric store I settled on burlap for the bottom because I loved the orange color.  There is some non-slip paste I can buy that you get if you want to make your own rug which I think I'll try on the bottom because they do slip a bit on the ceramic floor.  I also added an elastic on the inside of the shoe to try and help it stay on his foot.  He still pulls them off but he would any shoe.

I think these were successful!  I think I'd make a few changes if I wanted to make another pair, but once I got everything down it didn't take me long to make the final pair.  I hope you like them too!

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