Thursday, March 29, 2012

Some German Chocolate

Some German Chocolate for a German friend at work!

I have learned to fill my cupcakes to the top cause I like them to look like they are overflowing.  For years the box has said fill cupcake 3/4 full- but I have thrown caution to the wind and filled them to the very top and BAKED!!  I have some photographers in my office- great pics huh? - Happy Thursday -MEG

Friday, March 23, 2012

Herbs Contained!

This morning Megs sent me a photo on Pininterest:
via Townmouse

I was so excited that I told her I was doing it!  Today!  I have oregano in my current garden that is completely out of control and I was contemplating just getting rid of it all together.

But we also put a patio in a few years ago and I've always disliked how it met up with the lawn:
It just looks like a mess and the lawn overtakes it and the leaves get stuck etc. This looks a lot like the picture above, ha!  Listen, It's spring things are a little haggard.

THIS will be where my herb pots will go!  Yes, I can see it now!  
So, I dug some holes as best as I could because I'm weak and our lawn is filled with giant tree roots and rocks.  Then I put some weed blocker down to hopefully really just kill the grass (this is wishfull thinking which I do often).  I'm glad I am doing this project when husband is not here because Iknow he would have me leveling these pots.

I filled the pots with dirt and put the herbs I had in.  and mulched around the pots. I really love it.  Now just a few more holes for mint, parsley, thyme, cilantro... oh boy!  In a few months I'm sure it will look like that chateaux's!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Party Planning

The elephant is just too cute!!
If I am going throw a party, it has to have a color theme!!!  I went grey, blue and white for my son's baptism (I know NOT original- but classic and pearlescent).  It may be neurotic to have your sprinkles match your plates, which match ribbon, which match your banners, but it wouldn't be interesting without some neuroses.  

Everyone got to take their favorite picture of Jack home

They taste good too!

oh yes, the rock candy matches too!

Printed signs on labels and they pretty much went everywhere!
I have to give Props to my girl, Nicole she helped design the signs!!

-Enjoy- Meggers

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Arrested Development Art

I think everyone knows my love of the three season show, Arrested Development.  A show cut too early and thus forced into a cult classic series!!!  My husband and I have almost burned out the DVDs by watching it too much.  We can pretty much take any life situation and add a quote from Arrested (scary I know!).

So how do you make a cancelled TV show current?  WELL - You needle point your favorite quotes and sell it on Etsy.  Fun with Needles sells the below wall art on Etsy and they will do custom orders!  So find your favorite quote or inside joke and have it needle pointed!

For those of you who dont know the show! Shame on You!  Buy all 3 seasons on Amazon and if you don't like it after you have watched all 3 seasons I will buy it from you so have lost no money! Boom, that just happened!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fondant! You are no longer so powerful over me!

Fondant was an intimidating creature!  I was so scared of it but I finally got a little courage and gift certificate to Michael's from a wonderful Uncle and decided to try it!!  My first try was a little bit of a failure but then the magic of youtube came to me!!  I always forget you can learn almost anything on youtube!  So I watched a baker who owned her own shop and its all about patience and alot of smoothing around the edges!  The real trick is to roll the fondant out much larger than the cake it needs to cover!!

I bought these edible wafer flowers on Etsy!  You would be surprised how much edible art you can buy on Etsy!!  I am sure you can see a theme to my posts and that Etsy is my go to source!!  When in doubt, Etsy!

A Cake for my son's Baptism
A close up of the beautiful flowers
Hope you enjoy!- Meg

Monday, March 5, 2012

Skateboard Artwork Online Auction

Hello Everybody!  I painted a skateboard for a donation to save and complete the Saratoga Springs Skatepark, please go on over to the online auction and bid on it or any of the other decks, very affordable art for a wonderful cause!  On Deck Auction  You can also view the work in person until the end of March at the Spring Street Gallery, 110 Spring Steet, Saratoga Springs, NY
I appreciate the support!  <3 Anna

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Underwater Nursery

 My lil man's nursery is an underwater theme.  I find water very calming and beautiful; filled with wonderful creatures and friends... as you can see I like to have imaginary friends even in my adult life.  Pretty much anything you can slap a smiley face on I will buy, befriend or try and make at home!!!

All of these friends are vinyl decals and come right off the wall for when we want a new room theme.... hopefully robots!  I found some great fun robot decals so we can live on another planet!  Etsy is a great place to shop decals and many people will customize to what you want!
Custom Decals ordered from Etsy
Decals are so much easier than stenciling!!!
PS- Decals are addictive!- Meg

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happiness Every Month

I have heard of receiving different flowers each month for the full year...or a new wine each month.. but octopus!!  I love the idea!!  This shop on etsy will send you a new octopus each month- how delightful!!
Cute Smiling Octopus Friends!
PS! the plural of octopus is OCTOPI!!!!!!!