Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Surprise 10 Layer Cake!

Hi All!

Long time, no blogging.  For my good friend Maria's Birthday it was time to try the 10 layer cake I saw on http://www.bakerella.com/fourteen-for-the-fourteenth/.  She did 14 layers but I thought I could settle with 10 layers!!  It was fun and not as hard as I thought.  My layers are way too thick and the batter doesn't spread out on its own when there is this little amount in a tin.  I should have spread it evenly before baking to get a less convex cake at the top!!  It got a lil topsy turvy as I put more layers on so I should have spread it out! OOPS!!!!  

And the surprise is..............when I cut the cake its ONLY SEVEN LAYERS!!! hahaha- I was a little tired last night!  I had no idea.  Seven is a lucky number anyway!!  Happy Birthday Maria! -Megan

Building and Building
Bought these pie tins to help make the layers quickly
Not too lopsided :)

Count them!! SEVEN!