Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anna's 1st Fabric Result!

After taking down wallpaper with a handy-dandy steam machine (rented... don't try taking down wallpaper without it... it's just not worth the pain), Anna & Hubby decided to paint the hallway of their second floor lemon sorbet (or yellow). They used Benjamin Moore's new super duper eco friendly(and good for pregnant ladies) Aura paint... it's super expensive but it self primes and is pretty awesome! And Anna used her first fabric for some new window treatments:

It's modern but still has a kind of ethnic feel... we dig.
Next Challenge: Finding the perfect table for the circled spot! If you were walking up the stairs it would be the first thing you saw... any suggestions???


  1. Should the table be
    1. Brown, Black, White???
    2. Old, New?
    3. round, square, half circle??

    Ha, see... there are so many options... I'll measure the space. Post links if you find any!

  2. black and first choice half circle... second choice a rectangular one.

    Could be olden but needs to be dark

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