Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Classy with a straw

I forgot I had these wonderful creations a couple of years ago, until a good friend brought them over for a surprise. They are classy pink cans of champagne that come with a straw... no chugging out of these cans!! Sip like young ladies!
AND if you a buy a four pack, it comes in this beautiful shiny box. You sort of feel like a princess when you drink out of this great pink metallic can. The real great part is, not only do they look great but they taste wonderful. Check out the website. It is tres chic. www.sofiamini.com


  1. sofia minis are so delicious! love them.

  2. Pink canned champagne? I'm intrigued. Hopefully the local Liquor Mart carries them? Thank you, Design...Stat for ever broadening my world. :)