Monday, April 5, 2010

Did Someone Say Puddin' Pops?

Just looking at the pictures of the Zoku's bright fruity ice pops makes me salivate slightly.  I am dying to have this Zoku pop maker.
Each day as I bring the Big O out to the playground the Mr. Frosty music comes ding a linging up and I immediately begin craving a strawberry shortcake ice cream treat.  I always try and by the more "healthy" fruit pops at the grocery store, but my problem is the seeds.  I hate seeds in things that I think should be smooth a.k.a in smoothies or yogurt or fruit pops!  So, I immediately thought that I could maybe make some kind of "healthy" pop with this thing minus the seeds.  I also think that I could eat a chocolate pudding pop every night and be happy**!! (via William Sonoma)

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