Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tag You're It: Copper

So, the latest activity here at Design...Stat is a little game we are playing of Tag. Each day one of us will tag the other with a topic (yesterday's was copper which I'm posting today). Then we both have to find four fun things based on the topic!

Email us with your suggestions!

Copper Ceiling Tile:

care of:

Copper Tea Kettle:

care of Flickr user Britt-Marie Sohlström

Copper Mosaic Tiles:

care of:

Copper Fondue Pot:

care of Williams-Sonoma

Bath Furnishings:

care of:

Copper Penny Earrings:

care of Flickr user and jewelry designer: Tammy Easterling

Magnetic Copper Ring:

care of:

Copper River:

Photograph of sun reflecting on the Virgin River care of awesome photographer Phil Douglis

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