Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Bump Out Continues

Just a quick preview of my labor of love.  In old houses there are alot of layers.  Alot of layers of wallpaper, alot of layers of paint, alot of layers of grime on the wood floors.  I love the story and the history of each generation painting a new layer on the walls- BUT what I never will understand is when you are putting another layer of paint on your walls, why would anyone paint right over the outlet plate cover and then the outlet- not once, not twice but several times!  Do they say to themselves "Hey- lets paint over these tiny slits in my wall that provide me with electricity, that will  be good for my appliances"  So here I am scoring the paint around the outlet and then prying it off without damaging the plaster walls! Not an easy task for me (a bull in a china shop).

I will be buying new outlet covers and my wonderful dad knows how to switch out outlets! ..... To be continued.............. ;0 Megan

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