Thursday, August 7, 2008

Beads Beads Everywhere!

While I was pregnant I became very irritated by my husband's massing collections of golf and espn magazines, and after seeing my brother-in-law's girlfriend wearing a necklace from Africa crafted from paper I decided I wanted one too. I couldn't get around to going to Africa, so I sat down and figured out a way of making them.

My husband thought I was loosing my mind (which I very well might have been), but I finally came up with a result that I liked. The bead making involved tapered strips cut from magazines, modge podge glue, and knitting needles. I basically just started wrapping paper around knitting needles while applying the glue. It was tedious but fun.

The results are for sale now on etsy:
This has turned out to be a great way of recycling!

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