Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Bonanza!

I had a lot of fun crafting for Owen's 1st Birthday! I even got the husband in on the job by helping me with streamers! I decided to make party hats, streamers, and a cake.

I crafted the party hats out of cardstock.

Basically, I rolled a piece into a cone shape, cut around the bottom of the hat and used whatever shape was left I used as a template to make all the rest of the cut outs.

I then wrote on each one with glue and sprinkled on glitter. Waited for the writing to dry (if I didn't wait it would have dripped down the hat) and made each one into a hat shape and stapled.

I punched holes in each side and strung ribbon through each hole and knotted.

I also attached a few curled ribbon strands to the top of each hat with tape for a tassel.

With the leftover scraps of cardstock I made the streamers (mobiles). I cut out circles and in each end I punced holes. I attached the circles together with some craft/jewelry memory wire I had lying around. I taped each one to a string and strung!

I also baked a cake... which didn't go that well. The icing turned out deliciously with chocolate goodness... but the actual cake did not bode as well. I followed the directions precisely so either Betty Crocker is a loser... or I need a new oven!

The guests sure did look cute!!

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