Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Epic Failure

Some times you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet... or whatever!!!!!!!!

Maybe I was getting a little cocky from my awesome Easter Egg or maybe I was exhausted after putting a 7 month old to bed and starting the cake at 8pm (my bedtime), or maybe some times you just fail and learn from it and will do better next time!

This was supposed to be a retirement cake for a friend moving to Florida so I thought blue fondant for the water and sandy beach for sitting and sunbathing!!!

Lessons Learned: 
1. Don't save fondant- even when they say it will stay- it doesn't.  I used two week old fondant that was in a ziploc and it cracked when I put it on!

Cracked Fondant

This was the sandy beach area but it looked terrible so I covered it with chocolate!
Delicious graham crackers for sand underneath the chocolate

This cake is dead to me! STILL tastes good!

What I wanted it to look like.................
I am encouraged to get back on the horse and try again!- Megan Eileen

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