Wednesday, February 1, 2012

But the Dough Was Pretty

Monday, January 9, 2012
I don't know where I went wrong here... I don't know how I could have possibly messed up blueberry muffins but I think I did somehow. Any suggestions...gentle now gentle... on why these didn't brown?

My obvious thought was that I didn't cook them long enough. When I did the toothpick test they were perfect, but I threw them back in anyway. After five minutes they still weren't turning brown. So, maybe they are meant to be whitish? They are pretty, but actually aren't that appetizing without that brownness to know what I mean? They look more like biscuits with blueberries!  They offered some additional recipes for glazes and a cinnamon sugar topping that I think you would have to use if making these again.

On top of it all the blueberries were really tart (which of course the editors of Cooks Illustrated warned me of but I didn't read thoroughly... they said for sure in the winter to use frozen wild blueberries), Whoops! Bust!

What did go right was that the dough was really lovely looking and my ice cream scooper was amazing at filling the cups which is usually a big mess. The muffin was really moist and tasted delicious beyond the tart blueberries.  Most of all the house smelled lovely. So that's something to take away!  I will try them again for sure.

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