Monday, February 27, 2012

Planning for Spring Gardening

Little Man helping me start impatiens for the front of the house
it's a very shady section
The weather has absolutely been so inspiring... my gardening bug is twitching.  It was further fueled by my Mom's gift of a flower gardening book for my birthday.  It shows how to plan out your beds, talks about different kinds of gardens, and really makes you dream of the secret garden in your backyard.  
Last Year's Tulips outside

I know from experience that this does not happen easily.  The hardest part is weeding!  Keeping up on weeding with a child under 3, not the easiest task.  I don't like to use weed killer or anything of that nature.  So, last year I basically gave up after a wonderful bright display of tulips came up, I just watched as the weeds took over.  Ignoring it almost all together.

But, it didn't make me as happy as I thought it would, the not weeding.  This year I plan to get back on my diligent weeding path.  I'm a little worried about my tulips because they are already totally coming out of the ground, and it being February, I just hope they make it.  My husband plans on doing a little vegetable gardening (which most likely means I will be doing some vegetable gardening).  I plan on sticking to my flowers.  Maybe trying to change up the layout in the backyard, but mostly concentrating on starting a cutting garden which will make me pretty happy(beyond the weeds).  We are attempting to start some impatiens from seed for the front of the house, they really did well in the shade.
A few of last year's tulips
so bright and beautiful proving these colors exist in nature!
<3 Anna

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  1. I've got major spring fever too! let me know how the impatiens do! I grew some morning glories from seed last year that came up really fast but then when I transferred them outside the bunnies munched them down to the ground : (