Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crochet Accomplishment

After reading a great post about different beret/hats on the blog that you could knit or crochet via Threadbanger, I settled on this easy pattern from Crafty Pants. It took a little refresher course in crocheting because I had forgotten some things, but it came back to me quickly.

I had never crocheted a hat before so I had to watch a video explaining how to crochet a circle. It was a little different then the pattern but helped me grasp the path I needed to take. Also helpful was the video posted by Crafty Pants on how to crochet the puff stitch.

I have to say that I've worn this all weekend and am loving it. Of course it is a little different than the one shown on the Crafty Pants blog, but I think that is because of the yarn I choose (and my skill level). Mine is a bit more bulky. Overall though I'm happy with the outcome and it is the first time I have actually worn something that I've crocheted!

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