Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...Cake

Megan promised that she would attempt to create a rainbow cake for us which we loved from http://omnomicon.blogspot.com. (you can visit this link for the full directions)...

The cake is super festive and really fun to make. Each color was mixed with icing dye instead of regular food coloring.

As you scroll through this awesome display of bakery... you may say to yourself... is that cake overflowing and spilling into the oven?

Why, Yes... Yes it is... but that's what happens to true hardcore bakers... there is always a mess to clean up!

What started out as a two tier cake became this masterpiece. Megan used confetti icing for extra color and splendorous yumminess. The report came back that it was delicious and that using 7-up instead of eggs and oil was awesome!

So, we say to all you who have those winter blues... cheer up your life this weekend and make this... I mean who wouldn't smile stuffing this in their mouths?

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