Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Festiveness

Leave it to Megan to step up the cuteness quotient for Easter!
These egg lanterns she found for a steal. $.99 for the small ones and $1.99 for the large lantern. Just goes to show you that you don't have to do much to kick it up a notch!

Painting Plug

Here's one of my new ones. I've been pretty busy! I'm not going to post all my new work here, but you can take a look over on for some painting treats!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Festiveness

In honor of the green holiday Megan enjoyed some Irish treats this weekend. She picked up some green bagels from her local bagel shop, and in true Irish fashion baked her own Irish Soda Bread!! Reportedly, it's great with a lot of butter (isn't everything?)!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Birthday Bonanza!

I had a lot of fun crafting for Owen's 1st Birthday! I even got the husband in on the job by helping me with streamers! I decided to make party hats, streamers, and a cake.

I crafted the party hats out of cardstock.

Basically, I rolled a piece into a cone shape, cut around the bottom of the hat and used whatever shape was left I used as a template to make all the rest of the cut outs.

I then wrote on each one with glue and sprinkled on glitter. Waited for the writing to dry (if I didn't wait it would have dripped down the hat) and made each one into a hat shape and stapled.

I punched holes in each side and strung ribbon through each hole and knotted.

I also attached a few curled ribbon strands to the top of each hat with tape for a tassel.

With the leftover scraps of cardstock I made the streamers (mobiles). I cut out circles and in each end I punced holes. I attached the circles together with some craft/jewelry memory wire I had lying around. I taped each one to a string and strung!

I also baked a cake... which didn't go that well. The icing turned out deliciously with chocolate goodness... but the actual cake did not bode as well. I followed the directions precisely so either Betty Crocker is a loser... or I need a new oven!

The guests sure did look cute!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Wreath

It also may be a spring/summer/possibly year round if I forget to take it down wreath!
This was really easy to make... I bought the grapevine wreath for 3.99, the baby's breath, the paper flowers, and ribbon all at the craft store... A little hot glue gun action, and I also coated the paper flowers with a layer of modge podge glossy glue to seal them somewhat from the elements. Very festive for one of our favorite occasions!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Flowers in March!!

A Rogue Crocus bloomed at the house yesterday! This one snuck in behind the garden against the basement!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Herb-tastic Spring Fever!!

Things are getting crazy in my indoor plant zone! I decided I wanted an indoor herb garden to partner with the outside veggies I'm going to plant this year. I attacked target for bowls, yes, I'm telling you this is the thing to do (each one was $1.99 and the matching dish was $.99)! I priced little planters, and none were modern enough or the perfect size for the small amount of room and herbs I really needed. So, I found these bowls that came with their own little dishes to sit in... drilled a hole in the bottom... perfecto!

I also made signs for each herb because if you are anything like me, I can't tell the difference between these suckers! I drew little pictures of each herb and cut out the paper. I was going to attach them to toothpicks, but we didn't have any so I just used chop sticks! I think the chop sticks actually work a lot better! I just taped the stick to the back of the paper and voila!

Now all they have to do is grow! I'll keep you posted... two weeks we should see some action!