Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Arrested Development Art

I think everyone knows my love of the three season show, Arrested Development.  A show cut too early and thus forced into a cult classic series!!!  My husband and I have almost burned out the DVDs by watching it too much.  We can pretty much take any life situation and add a quote from Arrested (scary I know!).

So how do you make a cancelled TV show current?  WELL - You needle point your favorite quotes and sell it on Etsy.  Fun with Needles sells the below wall art on Etsy and they will do custom orders!  So find your favorite quote or inside joke and have it needle pointed!

For those of you who dont know the show! Shame on You!  Buy all 3 seasons on Amazon and if you don't like it after you have watched all 3 seasons I will buy it from you so have lost no money! Boom, that just happened!

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