Friday, March 2, 2012

The Underwater Nursery

 My lil man's nursery is an underwater theme.  I find water very calming and beautiful; filled with wonderful creatures and friends... as you can see I like to have imaginary friends even in my adult life.  Pretty much anything you can slap a smiley face on I will buy, befriend or try and make at home!!!

All of these friends are vinyl decals and come right off the wall for when we want a new room theme.... hopefully robots!  I found some great fun robot decals so we can live on another planet!  Etsy is a great place to shop decals and many people will customize to what you want!
Custom Decals ordered from Etsy
Decals are so much easier than stenciling!!!
PS- Decals are addictive!- Meg

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  1. I am loving the chalkboard plack! So many places it could go in my house! M. kids wall decals