Friday, March 23, 2012

Herbs Contained!

This morning Megs sent me a photo on Pininterest:
via Townmouse

I was so excited that I told her I was doing it!  Today!  I have oregano in my current garden that is completely out of control and I was contemplating just getting rid of it all together.

But we also put a patio in a few years ago and I've always disliked how it met up with the lawn:
It just looks like a mess and the lawn overtakes it and the leaves get stuck etc. This looks a lot like the picture above, ha!  Listen, It's spring things are a little haggard.

THIS will be where my herb pots will go!  Yes, I can see it now!  
So, I dug some holes as best as I could because I'm weak and our lawn is filled with giant tree roots and rocks.  Then I put some weed blocker down to hopefully really just kill the grass (this is wishfull thinking which I do often).  I'm glad I am doing this project when husband is not here because Iknow he would have me leveling these pots.

I filled the pots with dirt and put the herbs I had in.  and mulched around the pots. I really love it.  Now just a few more holes for mint, parsley, thyme, cilantro... oh boy!  In a few months I'm sure it will look like that chateaux's!

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