Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fondant! You are no longer so powerful over me!

Fondant was an intimidating creature!  I was so scared of it but I finally got a little courage and gift certificate to Michael's from a wonderful Uncle and decided to try it!!  My first try was a little bit of a failure but then the magic of youtube came to me!!  I always forget you can learn almost anything on youtube!  So I watched a baker who owned her own shop and its all about patience and alot of smoothing around the edges!  The real trick is to roll the fondant out much larger than the cake it needs to cover!!

I bought these edible wafer flowers on Etsy!  You would be surprised how much edible art you can buy on Etsy!!  I am sure you can see a theme to my posts and that Etsy is my go to source!!  When in doubt, Etsy!

A Cake for my son's Baptism
A close up of the beautiful flowers
Hope you enjoy!- Meg


  1. Love the cake! You look like a fondant master to me! (I can't even ice cupcakes)

  2. Not a master yet!!!! the corners have some folds but pictures dont need to show everything!!!!!