Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bangle Some Inspiration

I keep coming back to Kate Spade.  I think it is her simple uses of color, the graphic nature, the classic concepts.  Both my sister-in-law and I choose our China patterns via her collections.  

I have absolutely fallen in love with these bangle bracelets (via Kate Spade) that have inspirational thoughts written on the inside.  I am usually not in favor of announcing inspirational sayings to the world like, "look at what my necklace says aren't you inspired and impressed"?  That's really not my thing, but this little inner note, like it was written just for you, really works for me.  While the price is not right for me to purchase for myself, I do think that they would be a lovely gift for a great girlfriend for bridal showers or birthdays or what have you.  And there is a range in price... the thinner it seems the cheaper.  I suppose that makes sense! (via Simplesong)

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