Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fry 'em Up!

I am attempting to eliminate processed foods from our diet.  Taking little baby steps here and there.  Mostly really reading ingredients.  The same food that you grandmother was eating... may have the same label and taste the same... but the ingredients most likely are not the same (preservatives, high fructose corn syrup,  and a whole bunch of other words that you won't understand)!  I'll take food that may rot quicker any day.  It always pains me to throw out or be wasteful, I have the compost going but I can't really put a lot of food products in because we have a lot of raccoons and skunks in the neighborhood... but the more you cook the more you learn the quantities you should buy.

That being said.  I'm still not all that healthy!  And Owen really likes French Fries!  I figured making them myself would give me some advantages:  I can see exactly how many potatoes I was using, and give myself the ability to portion out appropriately.  I can buy my own potatoes and we prefer organic and local it makes us feel better.  I can add my own spices and use whatever oil I want.

But let's be real... I still fried the crap out of them!  Next time I'm going to try an experiment with baking them and see how that turns out.  I'll keep you updated on the results.  But for now feast your eyes upon these:

My husband's eyes opened really wide and he said "they are way better than McDonald's."  All lies but hey it made me feel good.  And just a quick note... if you have a picky eater that actually likes them to even look like fast food fries... you don't have to cook them as long as I did, that's it!

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