Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zebrawood Obsession

Okay, so my spring look also includes these flipping awesome sunglasses by Shwood, a company based out of Portland: I must have be mine!!

I divulged my obsession with these this winter and I have fully discussed the rational of purchasing them with Megs.  I need to sell some paintings so I can pull the trigger!!

See what I'd look like!!! Ha, and there's Meg's with me sipping a cocktail!  AM I RIGHT!  Just have to curl my hair... that's all, lol!

Bangle Some Inspiration

I keep coming back to Kate Spade.  I think it is her simple uses of color, the graphic nature, the classic concepts.  Both my sister-in-law and I choose our China patterns via her collections.  

I have absolutely fallen in love with these bangle bracelets (via Kate Spade) that have inspirational thoughts written on the inside.  I am usually not in favor of announcing inspirational sayings to the world like, "look at what my necklace says aren't you inspired and impressed"?  That's really not my thing, but this little inner note, like it was written just for you, really works for me.  While the price is not right for me to purchase for myself, I do think that they would be a lovely gift for a great girlfriend for bridal showers or birthdays or what have you.  And there is a range in price... the thinner it seems the cheaper.  I suppose that makes sense! (via Simplesong)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shampoo Warnings: Know what You're Scrubbing With

I recently embarked on my own soap-making adventure.  The results have been less than stimulating so far, but I will try a new batch once I reach my new home in Queens.  I will be certain to update here with any results of note.

The reasons are vast to make your own soap, cosmetics and even cleaning products.  Although there are a lot more options out there it seems to me that reading the labels and knowing what to look for (just like with food) is a good place to start.  Herbal Essences, a brand I used a lot as a teenager is taking steps to cut down on 1,4 dioxane... which according to most sites is a carconigenic chemical and is bad, bad, bad. " Herbal Essences contains so much dioxane, in fact, that it should carry a warning label required for cancer-causing chemicals under California's Proposition 65." (via fast company).

Don't just trust a shampoo if it says "herbal", or "cruelty free" read this buying guide from National Geographic's, Green Guide for more answers.  Beware of 1,4 dioxane, diethanolamine (DEA), formaldehyde, fragrance and parabens and check all your cosmetics for the Green Guide's Dirty Dozen.

You can get a triple pack of  Burt's Bees Shampoo on Overstock for $22.99 which isn't bad and passes!

You know it's really questionable whether the amounts of these chemicals can really effect you or not.  I think it is a viable assumption that using any with regards to a little child's body is probably not a good idea.  And really if you have to question it do you really want to?

Moop Must Have

One of my favorite blogs on tumblr is Texturism and she is always introducing me to great and fantastic new things.  One of her posts that I absolutely loved was about a gift she gave to a friend that was about to become a new mother and you can read about it here.

Take a look at this wonderful bag from Moop highlighted in her post and that I put in my spring look from it is priced well at $83:

Moop has a lot of other great bags so I would consider clicking around a bit!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Must Have Been The Roses

While picking out a necklace for the spring fashions I plan on rocking... I found this beautiful jewelry shop on etsy: Tamar's Shop: Nest Pretty Things!  Etsy is sooo overwhelming because there is just so much to choose from and everything is so inspiring.  This shop has captured my spring mood: the whimsy, floral, soft, and fun!

Next step... breaking open my piggy bank and buy one of these banging necklaces.

Fashion Ideas Organized

I stumbled across this great site that lets you organize different ideas and outfits together so you can see how it looks before taking the big plunge with your wallet.  I compiled my spring lounge around outfit and some pieces I already own so I can just see that it's my style and that it would work on me.  You can also add some unique things that you find while scouring the internet.
Visit and start dancing!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sweet Tomato Relief!

Ok, ok... I know I'm supposed to be making everything from scratch.  And lordy, I'm trying!  But upon hearing about Mario Batali's pasta sauces I knew I had to try it.  You see my husband and I fell in love with Mario while we were in Vegas.  We ate at Carne Vino and enjoyed the Caprese Salad and Gnocchi with Marinara sauce so much I think I will always remember it.  (we couldn't afford any wine ironically while we ate there but B did have a glass of pink beer which was pretty hilarious).  The music was great while we ate too (Radiohead, Coldplay... really like we were eating at home but 1000 x better)!

So, we tried it (the marinara)... and after 9 years we have finally agreed upon a tomato sauce!!!  I mean seriously this is BIG!  It's like $6.50 a pop at Hannaford... but the ingredients are all what I've been looking for sans preservatives, hoooray!  I will give myself this little 24oz of relief!  Thank you Mario, thank you.

A little more about the sauce via the store:

Mario Batali Marinara Pasta Sauce:

Why do Mario Batali sauces taste so fresh and pure?
Mario Batali Sauces are crafted from San Marzano Italian plum tomatoes from the Sarnese-Nocerino area in Italy, and are purely produced with all fresh chopped onions and fresh garlic. They are made with all fresh herbs and spices - no paste or puree added, and are made exclusively in a green facility.

In an effort to honor his commitment to both good food and green living, Mario is thrilled to announce all four recipes will be produced at Summer Garden Foods' green facility. Certified as organic and environmentally friendly by both state and national organization, Chef Batali and Summer Garden Foods is an ideal partnership having shared philosophies regarding the creation of food products.

(Item #197930) w3

Product Characteristics:
Main Ingredients:  Tomatoes, Onions, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Carrots, Garlic, Sea Salt, Italian Parsley, Thyme
Size/Capacity:  24-oz.

Glorious Ball-Orrific Necklace!

It has become quite clear to me that I absolutely love multiple groupings of balls.  It most likely began with Megan's  wonderful wreaths, but it is now showing up all around me.

This necklace was handcrafted by jewelry artist Kristina Klarin.  I am absolutely loving how big it is and that you could basically wear just a plain tee or tank and wear this necklace with it and feel totally hip to be square.  Her color combinations are spot on too!  via: constant changes

Dreams Do Come True!

I have two pairs of TOMS sneakers one pair in red that my grandmother got me for my birthday, and one pair in army green that I wore everyday last summer.  I love everything about them especially the fact that they are so comfortable, but also the fact that for every pair of shoes you buy through them they give a pair to a child in need.  That is just too good to be true, but it is!

WELL WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE!!! Coming soon to my closet are these absolutely adorable wedges courtesy of TOMS!!  I mean they do not come cuter! via: adored austin

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fry 'em Up!

I am attempting to eliminate processed foods from our diet.  Taking little baby steps here and there.  Mostly really reading ingredients.  The same food that you grandmother was eating... may have the same label and taste the same... but the ingredients most likely are not the same (preservatives, high fructose corn syrup,  and a whole bunch of other words that you won't understand)!  I'll take food that may rot quicker any day.  It always pains me to throw out or be wasteful, I have the compost going but I can't really put a lot of food products in because we have a lot of raccoons and skunks in the neighborhood... but the more you cook the more you learn the quantities you should buy.

That being said.  I'm still not all that healthy!  And Owen really likes French Fries!  I figured making them myself would give me some advantages:  I can see exactly how many potatoes I was using, and give myself the ability to portion out appropriately.  I can buy my own potatoes and we prefer organic and local it makes us feel better.  I can add my own spices and use whatever oil I want.

But let's be real... I still fried the crap out of them!  Next time I'm going to try an experiment with baking them and see how that turns out.  I'll keep you updated on the results.  But for now feast your eyes upon these:

My husband's eyes opened really wide and he said "they are way better than McDonald's."  All lies but hey it made me feel good.  And just a quick note... if you have a picky eater that actually likes them to even look like fast food fries... you don't have to cook them as long as I did, that's it!

Breakfast Bars from Scratch

My entry in the Outside the Box Challenge:

I have been really making a greater effort to make what we eat from scratch. But my biggest desire and hurdle lately has been trying to eradicate Nutri-Grain Bars from the cupboard.  Both my husband and son (2yrs) absolutely love them.
I scoured the internet trying to find a suitable replacement replacement and it was pretty difficult to find something but I came pretty close when I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchen.
I made a few edits:
*Substituted Whole Wheat Flour in place of All Purpose Flour
*I only had 10oz of Organic Raspberries in my freezer so I added 6oz of a mixed bag of berries including, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries.
I’m going to attempt to freeze these and see what happens because the ability to pull them out whenever would be a plus.  I’m also going to really play around with the recipe now that I see how it works and try and make it more of a fruity nutritious bar instead of a sugary treat…  It’s nice to have the taste of grains in the morning.