Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tag You're It: Tangerine Tango

Egon Schiele, Kneeling Girl in an Orange-Red Dress , 1910
It's been awhile since we had a great game of tag around here.  So, yesterday I informed Megan that I was tagging myself to find four inspirations for Pantone's Color of the Year, tangerine tango.  According to Pantone, "Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish orange, continues to provide the energy boost we need to recharge and move forward."

John Singer Sargent, The Sulphur Match, 1882
Well, I feel invigorated don't you?  I thought I'd provide you all with artists that inspire me that have used their very own versions of Tangerine Tango in their works, some from over 100 years ago, their work still looks innovative and daring.  I hope you enjoy my tangerine tango inspiration from Schiele, Sargent, Bacon, Basquiat, and Twombly, some with a little pop and some with a lot! (I choose five instead of four because that's how I roll)

Francis Bacon, Portrait of Lucian Freud, 1965
Jean-Michel Basquiat,  Boy and Dog in a Johnnypump, 1982

Cy Twombly, Ferragosto V, 1961

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