Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Keeper: Beef Burgundy

Friday, January 13, 2012 

It is safe to say that I love pretty much anything that contains wine and mushrooms. For my next cooking adventure I decided to try a stew that contained just that, Beef Burgundy. I again used a recipe from the Soups, Stews, and Chilis cookbook.
My husband and I joke because I'm actually not that great at being a chef. It's really not my calling. You have to be clean and tidy and keep your workspace workable... have a great palate and taste things... know what you are doing. I am a slob. I hate tasting hot things. I like salt. I do not know what I am doing.

So, I've been trying to go against my inner being and clean up the kitchen as I go and leave things looking not like a bomb went off but as though it took me only minutes to create dinner and not five hours. There is a problem with doing this... the husband comes home to a tidy kitchen... nothing to see here, eats Beef Burgundy and tells you to put it in the "keeper recipes" log in your brain. This keeper recipe log is really small at the moment. It contains tacos, meatballs, white bean chili, and fried chicken. To add Beef Burgundy to it would be, well, not very practical. I could see pulling it out maybe once a month (or maybe twice a year) but either way it was tasty.

There were a few things I had never done before in this recipe. Buy salt pork? Cut salt pork! It look like a hunk of bacon and my arms hurt after trying to cut it into 1/4" matchsticks. While I was cutting I unfortunately came across a surprise that let me know just what part of the piggy was going on here. That was not cool.

Make an aromatic bouquet. Well that sounds lovely! I liked this part. I really like cheesecloth and I like that these things weren't going to be floating in my beef burgundy. I didn't feel like picking the carrot out from my son's stew this night.

Buy burgundy wine. Bless his heart (I like when I say things like that it makes me sound like a great grandma), the boy at the wine store who had to give me a lecture that burgundy was just a region of France and assured me that this bordeaux wine was the same as burgundy and would be fine. Why couldn't he have just given me a bottle of wine that read Burgundy in big black letters on the front?  That's what I wanted.  And I really didn't want to argue with him but I knew it was not the same. If it were why wouldn't my trusted Cooks Illustrated say bordeaux? They would have... boy. 

I tried out my new rice maker that I received as a gift from my Uncle whose time in Japan left him as a rice junkie.

Anywho, it turned out deliciously and it will be tagged as a keeper recipe.

Et Voila:

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