Monday, February 6, 2012

Snack Pouch

My Little Man has to bring a snack each day to his pre-school.  For awhile I have been just slipping things into a ziploc bag and trying to remember to save it and use it again each day.  I fail at this.  So, I decided I needed to make something specifically for his snacks so I could cut down on my waste.  This spawned the snack pouch!

I decided I needed to have the word "Snacks" embroidered on it... just one small problem, I don't know how to embroider.  I didn't let this stop me!  I just thread the needle with some embroidery floss and went at it.  I'm sure there is a correct way of embroidering things but since we are talking about a pre-schooler's snack bag I figured I'd be safe in just going for it.  The orange color I was using had been left over from the blue booties.  I thought little goldfish would be cute on the bag because he always likes goldfish mixed with almonds for his snack!  I just drew the little fish on the bag with colored pencil and stitched back and forth to the outer edges of the line I had drawn.

I wanted a secure closure so I decided to sew a velcro closure.  It's really tight and nothing will be falling out.  I'm a little weary that crumbs might get stuck in the velcro but I'm hoping they will wash out when I wash the bag on the weekends.

This was really simple to put together. You basically cut a rectangle double the size of the actual bag you want.  Sew your velcro on the top of each side.  Then with right sides together just sew up the sides and secure your seam with a zig-zag stitch.  Done!

<3 Anna

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    1. i knew you'd like this because of your love of small embroidered animals, lol!