Friday, February 3, 2012

The Bump Out

That is what I call the room in my house that bumps outside the regular footprint of my house- The Bump Out.  Its pretty much the best room in the house because of the three big windows right next to each other but very awkward because of a weird dividing wall.  And I know you are all wondering, but YES that mirror is attached to the wall! No getting that sucker off!

Of course I have been laboring over what to do with this room (as you can see from my paint samples on the wall).  I will have lived at my house for 3 years in June and the house hardly looks lived in.  I labor over paint color and where to put nails in the wall- BUT! I have finally bought new sconces, a stencil to paint on the wall, two paint colors and some frames.  Here are some "before" pictures above and in two weeks I will hopefully be able to post "after" pictures!!

I have also included my image board and as you can see I have yet to decide on frame arrangement.  I love the haphazard look almost as equally as I love the very order look!  Decisions! Decisions!!
- Megan

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  1. I can not wait to see the stencil! It's going to be amazing!