Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Contemporary Art in an Unlikely Venue

Jeff Koons
I just got back from a six day stint at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital at the Westchester Medical Center.  The baby had breathing problems steaming from the RSV virus.  All that is far to medical for me and it was a terribly scary experience, but when he started feeling better it became easier for me to appreciate my surroundings.

For the first five days I enjoyed taking a look at all of the dolls that were on display in the Judy R. Rosenberg doll collection that were displayed in a long hallway on my way to get something to eat each day.  Clearly you would need a lot of space to collect all those dolls, and I don't have any collections to speak of.  But I am always comforted to see my Grandmother's little figurines on display.
Judy R. Rosenburg Doll Collection
When we were finally transferred from the floor of the PICU to the Pediatric Floor, I began to notice a spectacular collection of prints on display in the hallways.  One kept catching my eye and as I got closer to the tag, I read that it was a Jeff Koons print hanging near it was a Murakami print!  How exciting for me.  I tried to cruise around and look at the other images without appearing to be a wackadoodle parent.  There was a vast collection, and it was all very happy and wonderful.  What a wonderful environment for the children and a seriously fun contemporary art collection.  Here is a link to more info on the hospital's collection via the NYTimes

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  1. So glad you guys are home and there were at least some lovely things to look at during a frightening experience. Happy Valentine's to you and the family! xoxo