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Stuffed Initials and Children's Art

Monday, January 23, 2012
One of my favorite artists of all time is Cy Twombly.  His art has a child-like freedom and abandon that I have always responded to.  It has always made me strive to reach that place in my own work.  So, when I stumbled on this picture of the interior of his home my heart just lit up.  For some reason I completely respond to this image.  I don't actually like Roman heads and pink carpets... do I?  I think what I take away most is living with your artwork and letting your personality surround you in your home.  It's not important for your room to be something others want to live in because YOU have to live in it!  You might as well be happy with you.
"Roman Classic Surprise" Vogue, November 1966
featuring the artist Cy Twombly and his family in their home

I have a shameful admission and it is that after 3 1/2 years I still have not hung anything on the boys' walls.  Well I take that back, I hung one picture above their dresser.  It's really shameful.  When we were initially getting the room ready we painted it this fun yellow/green that resembles a margarita.  It was so bright and light in there that I just found myself lost as to what to do next.  Now that my son is a drawing and painting machine I thought the most logical next step would be to display some of his work.
Little Man's new wall decor
So, I decided, along with some framed artwork, that I would make him some stuffed letters to hang up.  He's learning how to write and he loves to know all the different letters.  He's especially proud of his own initials!  Also, the Little Man's favorite color is purple so I definitely wanted to find some fabric that had some purple in it.  I went to the craft store and stood in front of their little packs of quilting fabric for a LONG time!  Then I saw a kind of tied dyed looking fabric that I knew he would love it!  I thought it would be fun to pair it with some polka dots because he already has those on his valances (and I love polka dots)!  I knew that they didn't quite match but I went back to Cy's room in my mind and said the heck with it and got both!

For the letters I  just got  8.5x11 piece of computer paper and drew and cut them out.  I pinned them to my fabric (after ironing the fabric).  I sewed them together stuffed them and finished them off by hand sewing the opening.  I wanted to kind of solidify that they were meant to go together and hide the edges by hot glueing some ribbon around the outer and inner edges.

He absolutely loves looking at all his work and his initials.  I love how bright and playful it all looks and I am so proud of his cute little drawings of an elephant and a truck with flowers!  I also left a sticker he had stuck to the wall above the "B" because for awhile that's all he had up there and he did it himself!

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